About Sounds Good



Sounds Good with Branden Harvey is a weekly podcast focused on hopeful conversations with activists and influencers who are aware of the injustices and heartbreak of the world but remain optimistic and impactful.

It's been called "the most hopeful podcast on the internet" by guests and listeners which might be generous but I'll take it.


Branden Built a Community of
250,000+ Social Media Followers

Across Snapchat, Instagram & Twitter, I've has built a community of followers who believe in focusing on the good in the world. I was nominated for a Shorty Award for Snapchatter of the Year alongside DJ Khaled and was named Seventeen Magazine's 'Fave Storyteller'.

Sounds Good Is in the Top 5% of Podcasts on iTunes

The show has grown quickly since it first launched in early 2015. It's quickly gained a loyal audience that's incredibly vocal about the show on social media— most notably Twitter and Instagram. It's received 140+ five star reviews on iTunes.

Guests Have Included Olympic Athletes, Top Musicians, and Influential Artists

Sounds Good has hosted a diverse range of incredible guests working in a variety of industries with one central theme: a sense of optimism, intentionality and ambition that moves the world forward. For listeners, the show has become a collection of the world's most thoughtful influencers.