Yes, this is a whole page dedicated to the time an elephant almost killed me.

Because that was crazy.

Here's what happened: I was in Zimbabwe with an organization I was working with.

I decided to go alone on a walk down some beautiful dirt roads. As I walked I heard a loud sound in the bushes. I looked up just as a wild herd of African elephants began crossing the road.

I stupidly walked closer you them and started recording video on my iPhone. The biggest elephant came out of the bushes, turned down its head, puffed out its ears and started running toward me.

I (very unfortunately) stopped recording video, turned the other direction and ran. I now know that elephants can run as fast as 40 km/hour. In the last second of the video, you can hear the elephant let out a huff sound as a charge warning.

The elephant stopped chasing me and joined its family across the road when it saw I was no longer a threat.

I walked down another road until I found a local man to share my story with. I asked him if I almost died. He said yes.

Worth it.