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Meet the Instagrammer who's on a mission to change the world

June 2015: "Armed only with a camera and the words in his head, he's out to make the Internet – and the real world – a better place."

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45 Social Media Faves

October 2015: Named Seventeen Magazine's 'Fave Storyteller' in their October issue on social media celebrities

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Branden Harvey featured in PetaPixel

An Interview with Instagram and Snapchat Storyteller Branden Harvey

August 2015: "Branden Harvey became a professional photographer at the age of 16. He has since become an extremely popular photographer on social media, boasting over 104,000 followers on Instagram and one of the largest followings of a photographer on Snapchat."

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Branden Harvey Snapchatter

Meet the stars of Snapchat: These kids have thousands of followers and make eye-popping amounts of money

April 2016: "Unlike the other stars we talked to, Harvey isn't 100% Snapchat native, because he was pretty big on Instagram before bringing his storytelling skills to SC. 

'Snapchat campaigns are so much fun, because they're so experiential,' he says. 'There's no room on Snapchat for boring, bland content.'

Harvey says that he's never been paid less than five-figures for a project and has hired a business manager to help him keep track of all his different gigs. For Snapchat, he's worked on campaigns for Yoplait, Paramount Pictures, Unicef, and ABC's 'Stitchers.'"

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Meet The Millennials Assigned To Cover The Pope's Visit On Social Media

October 2015: "Not one Digital Street Team Member was deluded into thinking there’s no bad in the world. Nor were they robotic, blind followers. They were individuals who valued small, good things in the world that aren’t newsworthy. Sure, many were promoting religion, but mostly they were promoting good values in a way that was both void of sanctimony and grounded in reality."

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Smashd Interviews Branden Harvey

The Secret World of Snapchat Stars

October 2015: "Posting everyday, often from exotic locals, managing to coax smiles out of people in truly dire straits, it’s this dedication that’s won him massive attention—and made brands eager to tap in. Harvey’s been able to have that level of success in the field because he’s a professional shutterbug. A few years ago, he was booking shoots for fashion companies.  As he started sharing his photos on Snapchat, they really caught on. The back-and-forth he had with fans led him to become one of the app’s first homegrown stars, making him one of the first trained photographers to be paid to snap."

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Podcast Interview with Branden Harvey

July 2015: "Branden Harvey is one of the most influential instagrammers in the world. He's been to the White House, Israel, and shoots for brands like Sony and Chevy. His mission isn't to be rich or famous, but to change the world for good."