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Branden Harvey is a humanitarian, storyteller, and photographer most notable for his social media presence and his podcast, ''Sounds Good with Branden Harvey''. Mashable described Harvey as "the Instagrammer who's on a mission to change the world" and said that, "the world will look back on the stories Harvey told and count him among the first in a long line of digital activists."

Branden Harvey became a professional photographer at age 16 under the guidance of several mentors. He started off doing ordinary shoots for a handful of small nonprofits and local brands and, over time, was even courted by larger organizations like Sony, Timex and PetSmart. Harvey has worked with brands and non-profits including Disney, UNICEF, Square, Lyft, World Vision, charity: water, Skype, and Southwest Airlines to tell compelling stories through photography, writing and social media.

Throughout college Harvey built a large social media presence, specifically on Snapchat and Instagram where he has more than 250,000 followers. His growth on Instagram can be attested to his unique approach of employing storytelling. Harvey created the #storyportrait hashtag focused on using Instagram to tell stories of inspiring people— most notably, people he met around the world through Instagram. The hashtag was featured by Instagram and has more than 50,000 tags from the Instagram community. Harvey's growth on Snapchat can be attested to sharing one unique story every day, often featuring other social media celebrities like Kevin Jonas, Casey Neistat, Shonduras, Jefferson Bethke, and Bahari. Harvey has been listed as one of the top people to follow on Snapchat by New York Magazine, Thrillist, Tech Insider, Fstoppers, Food Network and Business Insider. He was also nominated for a Shorty Award for "Snapchatter of the Year" in 2014 and 2015.

In 2015, Harvey was invited to visit the White House as a part of the White House Instameet and invited on behalf of The Vatican to cover Pope Francis's first visit to the United States.

Harvey was named Seventeen Magazine's 'Fave Storyteller' in their October issue on social media celebrities.

In 2016, Harvey started a weekly podcast called "Sounds Good with Branden Harvey" with media company Gradient where he has conversations with optimistic people making a difference in the world. His guests have included Joshua DuBois, Dallas Clayton, Jeremy Cowart, Jedidiah Jenkins, and Maia Shibutani and Alex Shibutani.

Harvey also started an email newsletter called The Goodnewsletter where each week he sends out five pieces of hopeful news from around the world.

Press Photos

Photo by Adam Mason

Photo by Adam Mason

Photo by Maria Lamb

Photo by Maria Lamb

Photo by Adam Shaening-Pokrasso

Photo by Adam Shaening-Pokrasso


Branden Harvey Logo PNG

Branden Harvey Logo PNG

Sounds Good with Branden Harvey  Podcast Artwork

Sounds Good with Branden Harvey Podcast Artwork