Recording an episode is easy, fun, and basically the best thing ever.


1. Pick a Time

Most episodes, on average, last 45 minutes. I like to plan on a few extra minutes for a quick soundcheck and hello so I round up to one hour. All we have to do is find a 1 hour slot where you can be in a non-echoey room where you won't be interrupted. I use a great calendar tool that lets you pick any available spot in my calendar so we don't waste time going back and forth.

2. Record our Conversation

70% of episodes are recorded over the internet. If we can meet up in Nashville, that's amazing. But talking over the internet works great! We use a simple and easy app called Ringr that records both ends of the conversation and creates a really high quality audio file. 

You have full control over the conversation. If you fumble over a sentence, don't worry about it! Just stop your sentence, start over, and my amazing producer Chad will edit the show to make you sound your best.

3. Party!

My producer, Chad, listens to the episode, makes it sound amazing, and puts it in the content calendar to go live.

When it goes live, I'll let you know! Then we'll get to see the amazing and encouraging tweets and Instagrams about our conversation start rolling in!