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Branden is a fun, optimistic, and engaging storyteller who has spoken to crowds all around the world. Every week Branden shares hopeful stories through his podcast, Sounds Good, and his Goodnewsletter. Through social media he has built an online community of hundreds of thousands of people choosing to celebrate the good in the world.

Branden is available to speak at your large event or small team meeting.


Branden Harvey is a communicator like no other.
He delights audiences with his stories and captivates them with his visuals.Plus he’s the nicest guy you’ll ever meet.
— Ben Arment, founder of STORY and Catalyst West Coast
Having followed Branden’s adventures for a few months, I was fortunate enough to have him speak at an Adobe event in Portland. He was insightful, funny, charismatic and so truly authentic. This giant room of local creative folks dove with him into his stories and loved every minute of it. What a gem!
— Megan Kirkwood, Senior Program Manager, Adobe Systems
Branden spoke at my Promoting Passion Convention in 2015 and it was one of the best decisions I made that year. I remember he arrived around midnight in the middle of a hurricane by himself, and instead of requesting a bed and comfort he gave me the warmest hug as we stood in the rain and embraced.

From the moment I saw him there until the moment he left he was beaming joy and that infiltrated everyone he crossed paths with. He spent time sharing his passion with anyone nearby, using his free time to sit 1-1 with attendees and help with social media, photography and business where he could. He was living proof to everyone attending the conference that a big imagination and a heart of gold really can get you so far in the world.

Branden was an invaluable presence at my convention, and my only regret is that I can’t bring him with me everywhere!
— Brooke Shaden, creator of Promoting Passion Convention


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