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Life wasn't meant to be criticized.
It was meant to be enjoyed.

It's too easy to feel overwhelmed by the negativity in the world. When you focus too much on negativity it causes you to be tired, cynical and no fun to be around.

I believe that there's so much good in the world and that good should be celebrated.


Branden Harvey’s uplifting message of hope and dignity is giving the Internet a meaningful dose of medicine. And maybe, down the road, the world will look back on the stories Harvey told and count him among the first in a long line of digital activists
— Mashable

"What gets me about Branden is that he ends up talking about some pretty intense things— which highlights the truth that good things can come from broken places."

— Sarah Squires


"I've been a fan of Branden before this podcast through his photography and social media fame, and I'm happy he continues to encourage and bless people with his positivity and tenacity to seek the unknown and to always be exploring."

— David J. Scott (iTunes Review)

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What if we could make the world a better place?

Branden Harvey and Jessica Hische Interview

I've spent years interviewing the biggest optimists and world-changers in the world.

Between stories shared on Instagram and his popular podcast, Sounds Good, Branden has learned the stories of hundreds of people who have learned to live more optimistic lives.

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By focusing on the good in the world, I've felt the weight of cynicism lifted from me.

Alternately: I've visited 6 continents meeting those who have everything and those who seemingly have nothing and have learned mauris id fermentum nulla. Mauris egestas at nibh nec finibus. Mauris egestas at nibh nec finibus.

Now I share about the good in the world in a weekly podcast and weekly goodnewsletter.

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I'm building an army of people turning apathy into empathy, frustration into compassion, and cynicism into hope. It's not easy, but it's worth it.

Will you join me?