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I tell stories of the good in the world.


Branden Harvey’s uplifting message of hope and dignity is giving the Internet a meaningful dose of medicine. And maybe, down the road, the world will look back on the stories Harvey told and count him among the first in a long line of digital activists.

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Sounds Good with Branden Harvey

Sounds Good with Branden Harvey

Sounds Good With Branden Harvey is a weekly podcast that explores the lives, stories and adventures of the happiest people on the Internet. Every week, our host Branden Harvey sits down with someone who is spreading hope and positivity in the world, and tries to figure out just what it is that makes them tick. Sounds Good With Branden Harvey is part of the Gradient Podcast Network, with new episodes released each Monday.

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Pope Francis

Washington DC, New York City & Philadelphia

In September of 2015 I was hired to tell the story of how #GoodIsWinning in the world through photography, writing, and social media during Pope Francis' visit to the United States. I followed the Pope's tour through Washington DC, New York City and Philadelphia, documenting his journey, showcasing the experience, and meeting countless people along the way.

These Numbers

Kigali, Rwanda & Gihembe Refugee Camp

These Numbers Have Faces, an organization dedicated to investing in Africa's best and brightest students, hired me to come out to Rwanda to learn, document, and share the stories of the scholars in their program. I spent a week telling stories in Kigali and Gihembe Refugee Camp. My photos were used to lead print and digital campaigns, to inspire donors, & as assets for scholars themselves.

World Vision


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I was invited by World Vision USA to spend 10 days in Zimbabwe engaging with the idea of maternal and child health in the developing world. While on the ground, I met mothers, children, and local leaders making a difference in their communities. And along the way, I shot photos, told stories, and created content all in an effort to change perceptions of maternal and child health, and ultimately to advocate to Congress the need for more funding to USAID.


Phoenix, Arizona

PetSmart flew me out to Phoenix for a really special campaign. When I landed, I hopped into a cab and headed straight for the Phoenix Children's Hospital. As soon as I pulled up, a bus full of puppies and kittens pulled up behind me. I saw children's faces light up when they saw the furry surprises in the lobby. My job was meet with children and their families, listen to their stories, and capture sweet moments of smiles.

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