Smart Car

This project was really fun to be a part of. I worked closely with Razorfish, smart car (Mercedes-Benz) and Engine Shop to create a compelling images that would appeal to a smart car driver's appreciation for the environment, adventure and non-conformity.

The agency’s original pitch to me was to create images at what was essentially an auto show in Portland. Sure, that would do the trick, but I thought we could go after something more engaging to future smart car customers. I had something completely different in mind. I took a chance and pitched my own ideas right back at them.

They said yes.

I wanted the images to tell a story. I wanted the people who saw these photos to feel a sense of adventure, beauty and maybe even a little rebellion. I also wanted to really push for authenticity in these images. And I figured the only way to make viewers feel all of this, would be to actually live it all out.

They handed me the keys to a smart car for a week and I drove it all over beautiful Oregon to the most beautiful places I could think of. I woke up before sunrise to shoot every day that week.

It all paid off. In my opinion, the photos came out rich with adventure and point to the beauty of the northwest. I even think a hint of rebellion shined through the photos of the smart car nestled inside a little bike tunnel and straddling the center line on the St. Johns Bridge.

I'm proud of what I came out with.

At the time these photos were shared on the smart car Instagram account, they received more engagement than any other photo they had previously shared.