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"Branden Harvey calls Nashville home, but don’t expect to see a lot of Tennessee snaps: The photographer (who first gained thousands of fans on Instagram before joining Snapchat) snaps from wherever he is — on a train to nearby states, or jet-setting around the globe. Come for the wanderlust, stay for Harvey’s insane hairstyle." —New York Magazine

Branden Harvey's iconic daily Snapchat stories have landed him mentions from Business Insider, Aol, Smashd, Food Network, and PBS. He has created Snapchat stories in places like Uganda, Zimbabwe and Dubai and was invited to the White House where he made the first ever Snapchat story from inside the White House.

Known for his optimistic and adventurous attitude toward life, he's built an audience of tens of thousands of followers from around the world. He has also worked with brands like UNICEF, Paramount, Square, Yoplait, DIRECTV, and ABC Family to create compelling Snapchat content.

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